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Salerno's Pizzeria & R. Bar - McHenry

Make Your Own Pasta

First Choose Your Pasta

Next Choose Your Sauce

Then any other Additions

+Salerno's Homemade Fresh Pastas

* Have it Baked with Meat Sauce, Ricotta & Mozzarella Add $3

Choice of Pasta:+Fettuccine Angel Hair Mostaccioli Mostaccioli (Baked) * +$3Spaghetti Spaghetti (Gluten Free) +$3Linguine Rigatoni Rigatoni (Baked) * +$3Rigatoni (Gluten Free) +$3Rigatoni (Gluten Free - Baked) +$6Farfalle +Gnocchi +$2+Cavatelli +$2
Choice of Sauce:Marinara +$11Meat Sauce (Bolognese) +$12Vodka Tomato Sauce +$12Alfredo +$12Spicy Red Sauce (Arrabbiata) +$11
Additions:Shrimp +$5Meatballs +$4Sausage +$4Chicken +$4Broccoli +$3

Salerno's Pizzeria & R. Bar - McHenry

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